Average Days On THe Market

Average Days On The Market

The above chart is the average number of days required for a home in Willow Glen to sell. The term that agents use is Days on Market or DOM.

Prior to October 2006 a listing agent could pay the MLS service to re-list a property, thus starting the DOM clock at zero again. With this change the MLS will more accurately determine the DOM of a listing. Now a property has to be off the market for 30 days or more to reset the clock. While this change will better represent the age of a listing it will invalidate the previous years DOM data as a point of reference. We now use CDOM or Continuous Days on Market which tracks the true time a property is listed, regardless of price changes and changes of listing agents or real estate companies.

The data presented is based on the total number of transactions reported by the REIL MLS service for Single Family Residences in Willow Glen (area 10).

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